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I know the world isn't all rainbows and sprinkles

........but I LIKE sprinkles damnit!

9 January 1984
So wait... Where am I?
This would be my slice of the lj pie, and has been since the deletion of my last lj, Tormenteddreams. I wish I hadn't deleted that... oh well.
Wait... who ARE you?
I'm Danielle! Mother, wife, sister, crafter, socially awkward geek, lover of good books, movies and video games, and general fountain of random (also frequently useless) information!
Oh, ok. So what's with the name? WTF is a kibonotsubasa anyway?
Kibo no Tsubasa is Japanese for wings or feather(s) of hope. It's my tattoo (Rinoa's [from FFVIII] wings on my back) and it's my reminder to never lose hope.

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All personal posts will be 'Friends Only' and filtered to people I feel comfortable sharing such information with.

News posts, craft related posts, game/movie/product reviews, and things of the like will be public so that all may ponder that age old (or rather, 20 something year old) question... WTF is wrong with this woman?

All posts contain my opinion in them somewhere, as I am very opinionated. My opinion may not agree with yours, feel free to question things, or even start discussions about subjects. Just don't troll. If you do, I may be forced to hunt you down and poke you with a spoon until your head explodes from irritation.

No matter what kind of post it is, I use what some may consider to be 'harsh' or 'foul' language. Consider this my warning to the easily offended.

I also enjoy cosplaying :)

Cosplays Done So Far:
- Yuna (Final Fantasy 10)
- Nana Oosaki (Nana)
- Presea (Tales of Symphonia)

In the works (someday when I have money again):
- Mimi the 28th Wonder Baker (Tales of Legendia)
- Rikku (FF X)
- Flonne (Disgaea)


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